Teamcity 安装Ubuntu agent

By jere on 2017-03-08 0 Comments

Teamcity提供Agentpush 这种方式来安装teamcity agent, 但我的teamcity是通过nginx 来做的反向代理,通过Agent push的方式,一直得到安装失败的提示。

[22:05:11]: [] WARNING: The TeamCity Agent installed as standalone application and will not start automatically on machine reboot.
[22:05:11]: [] Cleaning temporary installation's resources...
[22:05:11]: [] Removing './'
[22:05:11]: [] Removing '/root/BuildAgent'
[22:05:11]: [] Successfully installed build agent on 'iZ948722qqcZ' to '/root/BuildAgent'
[22:05:12]: Remote agent installation failed: Command '[./ "" "/root/BuildAgent" "f56096e3fc39db281967d386af82e5ef"]' was executed with error message(s): stdin: is not a tty


当然,里面的一些变量需要修改,主要是需要把server url 改成相应的DNS 域名。

启动服务后,需要主动认证此Agent. 并且需要等待一会儿,因为这个Agent会更新一些组件。


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